Making Free Money From Free Bet Offers

It is often said that one never meets a poor bookie.
Which is very true, and the reason for it is that betting is for many a compulsive disorder and even successful gamblers will frequently for more.
A bookmaker’s price is always set with a “house edge” built in. What this means essentially is that if the “real” chances of a result occurring is evens, then the price you will get from the bookie will be, say, 5/6 (1.83) or 10/11 (1.91).
That doesn’t mean to say that one cannot win at these odds. If someone was to flip a coin and offer a friend 5/6 on the outcome being “heads” the friend would still have a 50/50 chance of winning. But if the same person was to flip the same coin a thousand times with those same odds – or for that matter even a dozen times – the chances are that his friend would be very much out of pocket, the reason being that he will have offered significantly less than the true value of the bet each time it was placed.
So how is it possible to beat the bookmaker?
Well, you might of course know the result in advance. judi bola online Or you could have some kind of inside information (the tennis player with knee trouble may be related to one of your friends). Or maybe even you are just plain lucky. But based upon the example that is given, the more frequently you come back to place your bet the more certain it is that you will make an overall loss.
There is one other way however to make a certain profit from the bookmaker, a profit that is totally guaranteed. That is to take advantage of the free bet.
Yes you did read that correctly. Most of the leading UK and European online bookmakers, being eager to obtain your business, will actually offer you a financial incentive to sign up with them.
It works like this. When you first sign up the sportsbook will ask you to submit a deposit and to place a wager. Typically it will be something in the region of A�25. Then as soon as the wager has been settled you will receive a free bet to the same value. In most cases any return you may receive on the free bet will not include the stake amount.
Thereby the “house edge” is instantly reversed. On the balance of probabilities you will be in profit once the free bet has been settled. But if you are not someone to leave anything to chance the real trick is simply to lay both the qualifying bet and then the free bet with a betting exchange, ostensibly at a small loss but in reality guaranteeing you a profit once both bets have been settled up.
For example a A�25 qualifying bet laid at Betfair might result in a guaranteed return of A�24. You then receive your A�25 free bet and again lay it at Betfair, this time possibly ensuring a return of A�17 (remember the stake money is not included in your payout). Thereby you will have made a total profit of A�16, which can then be withdrawn straight away.
Once you have repeated this exercise with all the books that offer such a bonus you will have made a good sum.
To locate these free bets the best and easiest option is to use a service whose speciality it is, one that lists them on one handy page, and through which in some cases free bets will be given which aren’t available if you open an account directly with the sportsbook. Open and fund accounts with all the sportsbooks listed, familiarise yourself with laying at the betting exchanges,and simply collect anything up to several hundred pounds or even more in guaranteed risk free income.
It really is free money.